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Writer & Director

Marc Nair is a poet and photographer from Singapore. He is a recipient of the 2016 Young Artist Award.


He has published ten books of poetry and is the co-founder and principal photographer of Mackerel, an online culture magazine.

He has also worked with Lee Kin Mun, aka mrbrown, on the mrbrown show for over a decade, writing satirical audio and video sketches and songs.


Marc’s list of authored publications include Sightlines (2019), Vital Possessions (2018), Auguries of Modern Innocence (2018), Intersection (2017), Spomenik (2016), The Poet of Unlove (2015), Animal City (2014), Postal Code (2013), Chai: Travel Poems (2010) and Along The Yellow Line (2007).

Choreographer & Director

Sudhee LIAO was born and raised in Singapore. She graduated from The Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in Contemporary Dance.

Her experience as a dancer is wide ranging having worked extensively with a range of international choreographers, such as Fang-yi Sheu (USA), Laura Aris Alvarez (EU), Dam Van Huynh (UK), Jaime Redfern (AUST) and John Utans (AUST). She has performed in international dance festivals and various productions across a range of theatres, galleries and site specific spaces.


Her works include performances in theatres, galleries, museums and site-specific spaces as well as video works. As a choreographer, her more recent works includes Going live: dancing with enigmatic perception which was shown in Shanghai Power Station of Art, Haptic Compression and Hermetic Diode, a collaborative piece with visual artist, Andrew Luk was commissioned by The Hong Kong Jockey Club was premiered at The Hong Kong Art Festival 2017 and 2018 respectively. White Cell was a 2 month residency programme at WING Platform and Not Yet / To Forget, co-choreographed with Ivan Chan was commissioned by Hong Kong Arts and Development Council was presented both in Hong Kong and Malaysia. She recently received a full scholarship from HKADC to attend ImpulsTanz festival this Summer. 


She is currently an independent artist, choreographer and dance educator.

Screen Shot 2020-02-17 at 4.01.17 PM.png

Audrey Ng is an experimental interdisciplinary artist. She juxtaposes aspects of traditional art forms and contemporary work, encouraging dialogue from aesthetic and ethical viewpoints.

As an artist with engineering and product design background, her work mainly involves products, wearable, technologies and fiber art.

For Handbook of Daily Movement, Audrey developed her costumes from her recent Masters research on vegan leather made out of microbial cellulose, challenging the audience through visuals, touch and scent.

rupak neon lights_Rupak-0619 (1).jpg

Mantravine is a highly conscious and ever-evolving organism composed of interchangeable musical parts; electronic pangs and pings, Carnatic guitar, poetry, mantra and healing song, banging brass-lines and sweet-stringed violin. Its psychedelic sound has reached audiences at festivals in New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Hawaii, Germany, France, Japan, Singapore and many more. Mantravine defies genres with a variety of techniques like looping, improvisation, audience participation and unpredictable frequency combinations


Valerie Lim


Valerie believes life must be spent pursing what makes us feel the most alive. The mysteries of the human body, multi-disciplinary and immersive works deeply thrill her. Two immersive experiences she has presented includes: San Junipero, an invitation to come to terms with  one's mortality and Tardigrade Estate, which invited audiences to create their own virtual paradise. 


Bernice Lee


Bernice Lee is a contemporary dance artist from and in Singapore. Her labours are rooted in improvisation. Her love of language has led her to writing about dance, and working with poets and spoken word artists including Amanda Chong and Benjamin Chow. She also created “Letters Come Alive”, a Rolypoly Family performance for preschoolers. She can be found playing with #ghosting on Instagram. For more, visit


Jack Ng


Jack started dancing in River Valley High School under Mr Benedict Soh in 2008, learning Chinese and Contemporary dance. After graduating, Jack now trains at NTU's contemporary dance club, Contemp{minated}, under Anthea Seah, and is part of The Human Expression 2nd Company under Ms Silvia Yong.


Handbook of Daily Movement is proud to collaborate with designer Shannon Lee, who will be providing a number of concept shirts for the performance. 


Shirt Number White is a fashion label that is focused on creating concept women’s shirts for the everyday. This collection is inspired by the multiple roles that women brilliantly play without fanfare on a daily basis. The brand reimagines and re-interprets the classic white shirt with carefully crafted, artisanal pieces that are inspired by form and made for function with subtle panache.

Founded by designer Shannon Lee, Shirt Number White started as a means to continue his creative pursuit in the technical finesse of clothes making. Shannon graduated with a degree in fashion design in 2008 and started his journey as a women’s wear designer. After working at various fashion labels and learning the nuances of women’s wear, he decided to expand his expertise and transitioned into menswear, working for a fledging menswear brand. n his 7 years there, Shannon immersed himself in the art of menswear and shirt making and grew a profound appreciation for process and the intricate relationship between classic pattern formation and tailoring. Now, he dreams of well crafted pieces that marry both disciplines, dialoguing between the two for his range of concept shirts.  

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